Ayahuasca Session

(Healing retreat)

Ayahuasca, rope or vine of the dead, is a potion that results from the cooking of two plants, one the ayahuasca (Banisteriospi caapi) and the other a small chacruna (Psychotria viridis). The union of both give the strength to the potion. It is administered orally and the dose may vary according to the criteria of the shaman previous meeting between him and the patient.

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Ritual of Ceremony

It is performed at the night in the dark with a duration of about 4 hours. Patients or drinkers sit in a circle near the shaman (Curandero) who begins the ‘Icaros’ which consists of soft whistles and incomprehensible words and puffs of pure and strong tobacco smoke, smoked in a wooden pipe with a mouthpiece bone monkey, this is done with the purpose of attracting the spirits of plants to help and give the necessary effect that is required in making the ritual.



The shaman continues the prayers asking for protection to the almighty God, so as not to be damaged by evil spirits, then the shaman initiates the distribution of the dose to each patient and ingests the same, shaman can smoke to help the dizziness.



The ritual of Ayahuasca purge as its name suggests is cleaning and purification, once ingested the Ayahuasca shaman will sing and whistle calling the dizziness so that in 30 minutes or so the pacient will begin to feel the effects of dizziness and vomiting of cleanliness. The shaman is the one who controls with icaros and chants that tend to seek the effect of modifying consciousness, guiding and controlling the states that occur.


Physical: cold-dizziness, perception of colors, images, fullness, vomiting and in some cases diarrea all this help to clean the body. Psychic, cross perception, memories come, need reconciliation with oneself and with others. Personal visions, of the others and anumals of the forest. Spirituality, a sesión of cosmic communion, a feeling of respect for life and for the sacred.

It is recommended 1 or 2 times any day

Prices in   soles per person

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